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Information comes and goes online, but every once in a while that information is valuable enough to save from the dustbin of Internet history and preserve for those who come along later. The Fresian Frock Girl is one of those resources. Even though the Fresian Frock Girl web site is retired, the author has given us permission to archive the content here at this web site. Many thanks to Holly Stockley (THL Femke de Roas) for allowing us to preserve and provide access to her well-written and well-researched guides to 16th century German and Dutch dress. Here is Holly’s original introduction to her textile pages:

With Thread and Needle

Within this section you’ll find a number of things relating to the gentle arts of sewing and embroidery.  There are various pieces on the costume of particular regions of Germany and the Low Countries, as well as information on embroidery and smocking.  With time (and luck) there will also be some “dress diary” pieces as well.

This articles here are copyright © Holly Stockley (THL Femke de Roas) and are presented on this web site with full permission from the author. This information originally appeared on the retired Fresian Frock Girl web site ( and is being archived here for future generations of costumers and historians.

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  1. Lani Tucker says:

    Have you seen the Wrapunzel website? They were asking people to do Historical head wraps. Yours are wonderful! Check out their wrapunzel Blog.

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