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German Goldhaube Cap of Silk, Gold, and Pearls: Pattern, Instructions, Documentation, and Notes

After months of research, I’ve successfully managed to create a lovely “goldhaube” (golden cap) that looks like the caps seen in the many Lucas Cranach paintings of 16th century Germany. During my research and trials I had many people contact me to ask about it, and I’m happy to share what I have learned. In addition to the pattern, instructions,… (more…)

Goldhaube Pattern: Preliminary Ideas

After many experimental haube (coif) mock-ups, talking it through with Lady Antoinette, and feedback from the GermanRenCostume Yahoo Group (especially from Katherine), I have a preliminary pattern for the goldhaube: The haube band would be sewn to the straight side of the haube itself, which would start at the top of the head (a bit back from the hairline) and… (more…)

Goldhaube Pattern: Getting the Right Look and Shape

I’m stumped. I am not quite sure how to make my gold silk haube (what some call a goldhaube). I’ve been studying paintings, drawings, and woodcuts for close to a year (see my post on goldhaubes for more background). Here are my observations of the gold haube: 1. No visible gathers in any period depictions (i.e., not a simple, gathered… (more…)

Goldhaube: In Search of the Golden Caul-Hat-Haarhauben Thingee

German women of high rank in the 16th century were fond of wearing what we call a goldhaube, or Haarhauben, beneath their hats or even without hats. I’ve seen countless portraits depicting goldhaube, and as best I can figure, it’s a gold-decorated caul — nothing more than a fancy golden bag for your hair. I’ve seen them solid, richly embroidered… (more…)