photo(180)This is my library of documentation, both for official A&S entries into Society competitions and for tutorials intended to be printed and handed out. All documentation is in Adobe PDF format. All documentation is copyrighted — if you want to use it for non-commercial purposes, please just ask first.

A&S Competition Documentation


Class and Tutorial Handouts


Research Papers

  • “Techniques of 15th and 16th Century Pleated Undergarments”




General Writing

The German Renaissance Wardrobe – Class Notes and Patterns

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2 Responses to Documentation

  1. Christina Smith says:

    Rhad a wonderful time speaking with you today at the A&S SCA event!I have read through both of your websites and am extremely impressed. I absolutely love your green apron dress and hope to make something similar to it…if I can!Thank you again for the time you spent talking with me about the German half of SCA. I will continue to fallow your sites and can’t wait to share my adventures with my journey into the world of SCA.
    Sincerely, Christina (Catarina?) Friend of Lady Bina and Lord Jack
    p.s., my husband absolutely loved your Rred dress garb replica you had on display. He said he would like to see me in something similar.

    • Genoveva von Lubeck says:

      It was a pleasure to meet you and talk with you about my SCA passion! Feel free to e-mail me at if you have questions or ideas. And please thank your husband for the kind words about my red German gown — that was my first A&S entry four years ago. 🙂

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