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How to Make Leder Wams (16th c. German Landsknecht Leather Jerkin): A Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

I’ve researched the 16th century German leder wams, also known as a leather doublet or vest, commonly word by Landsknecht soldiers. I’ve draped a pattern for a leder wams, using my son as a model for the step by step photos. I’ve made a full-size, full-leather leder wams for my man Gregor, who has now worn it many times to… (more…)

Lederwams/Leder Goller: The Leather Vest/Jerkin/Doublet Jacket of Coolness

A Lederwams or Leder Goller (leather vest) is a quintessential item for a Landsknecht (German mercenary soldier), judging by how often I see men wearing them in woodcuts. And they look pretty cool, I must admit. I mean, come on … it’s a leather jacket! With slashes! Lederwams seem to exist to provide some protection to the fighter, although I… (more…)