A&S 50

Below is a list of my projects, either in-progress or completed. Items are numbered to assist me in tracking my progress in the SCA’s A&S 50 Challenge, which involves creating 50 things in the Arts & Sciences before May 1, 2015 in honor of the Society’s 50th birthday. Those items with additional information or photos offer links.

  1. Trestle Table (see plans)
  2. Gothic Chairs (6 complete)
  3. Linen kirtles (4)
  4. Linen partlets and tunics (8)
  5. Doublets (3)
  6. Tablet-woven bands (6)
  7. Canvas shade fly and poles (3)
  8. Blackwork favor (sampler)
  9. Fur Goller (cape)
  10. “Starfish” hat
  11. Blackwork and Goldwork Caul, A&S entry for 2012 (see documentation)
  12. Woffenrock (arming gown)
  13. Linen shirts (7)
  14. Oak Banner Stands (2)
  15. Silk Appliqued Banner
  16. Blackwork Needlebooks (see booklet)
  17. Red Wool German Goldwork Gown, A&S entry for 2012 (see documentation)
  18. Smock with Goldwork based on Dorothea Meyer’s portrait
  19. Smocks with Honeycomb Pleatwork (four completed)
  20. Tellerbarret Hats (8) (see documentation)
  21. Smocked apron (see booklet)
  22. German linen gowns with round necklines and multiple guards, one slashed (4)
  23. German damask gown with velvet guards (in progress)
  24. Landsknecht doublet (wams) with paned, parti-color sleeves
  25. Silk and pearl goldhaube, A&S entry for 2013 (see documentation)
  26. Wool hosen (2)
  27. Wool schaube (German men’s coat)
  28. Silk damask schaube
  29. Waffenrocket (simplied waffenrock that behaves like a tabard–see post)
  30. Fingerloop braids (many)
  31. Cranach Saxon court gown (see research, pattern, and notes)
  32. Leder wams, a.k.a. leather jerkin (see research, pattern draping, and construction)
  33. Hanging canvas organizer for a pavilion
  34. Pink damask and brown velvet gown with pearl brustfleck
  35. Low-neck hemd based on Dorothea Meyer’s 1515 portrait by Hans Holbein, A&S entry for 2014
  36. Carved limewood doll with articulated arms and clothing, A&S entry for 2014
  37. 16th. c style tragedy play in five acts, A&S entry for 2014
  38. Research paper on pleatwork, A&S entry for 2014
  39. Red knee-high linen hosen with garters
  40. Landsknecht wams in black and red wool with full paned sleeves
  41. Pleatwork frame based on a woodcut for the cover of a German modelbuch
  42. Boy’s wool/linen doublet based on the Alpirsbach find
  43. Boys slashes hosen
  44. Simple hauben (gold haube and unterhaube)
  45. Pleating frame made from wood
  46. Leather slashed slippers
  47. Honeycomb pleated apron for the Coronation Silent Auction
  48. Finely pleated linen apron with honeycomb stitch, stem stitch, and chain stitch and drawn work hems (A&S entry for 2015)
  49. ?
  50. ?

Now that I’m almost at 50 projects (well, really I’ve gone over as I counted multiple items only once), I’m thinking of setting another challenge — 50 tutorials! Think I can do it?


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