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Saxon Gown Brustfleck: Study Guide and Construction Notes

German Saxon court gowns of the first half of the 16th century, made famous by painter Lucas Cranach’s ladies, have one particularly defining feature: a plastron (brustfleck) with a decorative band at the top and a laced-over bottom (usually white, but not always). I’ve been studying this style for more than a year, trying to work out the construction. After… (more…)

German Goldhaube Cap of Silk, Gold, and Pearls: Pattern, Instructions, Documentation, and Notes

After months of research, I’ve successfully managed to create a lovely “goldhaube” (golden cap) that looks like the caps seen in the many Lucas Cranach paintings of 16th century Germany. During my research and trials I had many people contact me to ask about it, and I’m happy to share what I have learned. In addition to the pattern, instructions,… (more…)

Rolled Pleats Photo Tutorial and Pleat Spacing Calculator

Rolled pleats are a technique for neatly gathering a large amount of fabric into a small area to create long, tubular pleats from the pleated point to the end of the fabric. I like to use rolled pleats on my German gowns (skirt) because they produce the right look. Sadly, I cannot find any evidence that this type of pleating… (more…)