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German Ren Dress Guards: Cut Straight or Cut to Shape?

I get asked about the guards on German dresses with a fair amount of regularity. I distinctly remember the good gentle at Gulf Wars who saw me from a distance in a German dress with a double guards at the bottom and yelled out, “Love your dress! How did you do your guards?” First, what are guards? Guards are the… (more…)

Waffenrock Tabard Design for SCA Fighters: The Waffenrocket!

Tabards (wappenrock) are popular for SCA fighters because they’ll cover up less-than-period armor and just generally make one look good without a lot of effort. And while my fighter (Gregor) has plenty of good things to wear, he tends to go back again and again to the tabard for comfort and ease. There’s just one problem — tabards aren’t something… (more…)

Progress on the Schaube/Rocks (German Men’s Coat) – The Beauty of a Good Pattern

Sometimes, when things come together, it’s just beautiful! Now that I have the actual pattern and method of construction for the schaube, and I know how it all fits together, I’ve been assembling the pieces. What was a jumble of weird shapes that didn’t work together is now a very well-designed coat. A thing of beauty! And I love that… (more…)