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16th Century German Tabards … Plus a Tabard Pattern!

A new member of my group recently asked how to make a tabard. This got me thinking. The tabards I’ve made have been pretty generic, as many others who came before me have already done a good job of covering tabard construction throughout history. I’m fond of the tabard pattern I use — it’s adapted from Duke Dag’s design, and… (more…)

Learning German Pleatwork (Seidenfitzen) on a 16th-Century Style Hemd (a.k.a. Smocking)

One of the projects on my big wish list is to replicate Dorothea Meyer’s pleatwork and goldwork smock. Thus, it naturally follows that I need to learn how to smock. It turns out that “smocking” (the gathering and manipulation of pleats in a decorative manner) is a Victorian term, so I’m calling this silk pleatwork, which is the literal translation… (more…)

Evidence for Hooks and Eyes on 16th Century German Garb

When I created my red wool “Dorothea Meyer” goldwork gown, I used hooks and eyes to close the bodice in the front. Since then, I’ve been asked if hooks and eyes are appropriate to 16th century Germany. I think this is an excellent question and I’ve been seeking definitive answers. While it’s impossible to know 100% if hooks and eyes… (more…)