A Place for Conversation about German Renaissance Garb and Accessories

I keep seeing requests to “be a part of the conversation” so I’ve created a new page on Facebook just for this site, its followers, and fans of German Ren at http://www.facebook.com/GermanRenaissance

This Facebook page is not just for me to post my articles and photos; it’s a place where we can all talk about creating, and re-creating, the German Renaissance Dream. The page is open and anyone can post questions, topics, and photos. I know there are many of us out there, and I welcome everyone — whether novice or expert, SCA or general costuming — to join in on the conversations. I’d like to see a larger community participating. I know we’re out there … let’s come together and share our thoughts!

Also, as tomorrow is my birthday and my personal birthday tradition is to give gifts to others, I will have a GIVEAWAY on the new Facebook page. So watch for it tomorrow, October 9. Here’s a hint:


Note: I know not everyone is on Facebook; if you are not I encourage you to join the GermanRenCostume Yahoo group (I am not an admin, but I am a participant!). No giveaway from me there, but it’s still a great place to ask questions and share ideas.

Hope to see you at http://www.facebook.com/GermanRenaissance! Come over, like the page, share a photo, and participate. 🙂

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